Elegant Lakefront living


The owner for this project wanted to create an old-world house with modern conveniences and technology integrated throughout. The project was unique in several regards. Soil conditions required auger-cast pilings and grade beams in order to support the weight of the house, which included concrete floors and a real slate roof. Working in conjunction with a designer selected by the owner, Vander Meulen Builders produced all architectural drawings based on un-dimensioned sketches.

Vander Meulen Builders also worked directly with a stone quarry in Wisconsin to select and cut stone for interior and exterior use, creating shop drawings for the quarry to use in its production process. The construction process for the crescent-shaped stairway was designed by Vander Meulen Builders. Rail details were designed and cut into sheet-metal panels using a unique, water-jet process provided by a local supplier. Vander Meulen Builders also designed and built furniture for the house, including tables and cabinets.


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