Interviewing Your Builder - Part 4

Just one important question today ...

How will my project be managed during construction?
It’s important to ascertain during the course of the interview how the home builder plans on handling site supervision and subcontractors. It’s a good idea to find out whether the contractor has a work crew or intends to roll out a whole series of subcontractors.
Learn how much time the contractor will spend on your project each week versus their other jobs. How often will the contractor be on-site and who’ll be supervising during times when he or she isn’t there? A trustworthy and accountable presence should be on hand at all times.

Our Answer
Vander Meulen Builders will supervise all work at the project site. Vander Meulen Builders’ carpenters will complete all carpentry work, with an emphasis on the details required for a quality project. A Vander Meulen Builders crew leader will be responsible for day-to-day field supervision, with project management oversight provided by Jack, Jim or Aaron Vander Meulen on a continual basis.


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