Interviewing Your Builder - Part 2

Now that you've found a licensed builder with a good track record, what's the next step?
So you've taken the first step and found a licensed builder. What are the next questions you should be asking before choosing a builder?

Can you give me a timeline for completing my project?
Before you hire a contractor to build your new custom home, ask if the company can provide you with a fixed start date and a completion date — including major milestones along the way. Ideally, your contractor should be able to list major steps along the way, along with the general process for building. It's also smart to discuss how change orders might affect the schedule of a project, as well as the kinds of decisions you'll be making along the way.

Our Answer
Many of the homes that Vander Meulen Builders builds or remodels are collaborative efforts between the client, an architect and/or designer, and our internal staff. Depending on where you are in the process of design when we begin working with you, we'll be able to give you estimates for each step along the way. In our experience, it's not uncommon to begin with an estimate for the budget well before many of the final details of the home are designed. Because of that, we'll work with you each step of the way, making sure you understand any assumptions that are being made, and making sure you have the opportunity to make important decisions about the details of your home.
We don't recommend selecting a builder based only on the project timeline because sometimes you'll need a little more time to decide exactly what you want. Be assured, though, that when we take on your project, you will be a priority from beginning to end. Our goal is to keep your project on time and on budget, while also adapting to your needs as the project progresses.


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