Benefits of Sauna Usage

Given our changing lifestyles, taking care of mental and physical health is no longer a luxury. People have started visiting spas and saunas as part of their daily routine, to increase their happiness, health and well-being. Last year, one of our clients came to us wanting to build a detached Sauna on his property. We chose to use Finalandia Sauna and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Choosing to build a sauna can have multiple benifits. Here are just 4 ways sauna therapy can improve your mental and physical health.


4 Ways Sauna Therapy Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

1.) Lowers depression and anxiety by allowing you to find peace and solidarity in your own room. Allowing you to escape the uncertainties and complexities of the outer world can be extremely healing for people.

2.) Lowers Cortisol Levels through your ability to relax letting the stress and anxiety melt away. This is accomplished through the high temperature of a sauna allowing your muscles to relax which in turn tells your body it is time to let go of its stress and anxiety.

3.) Helps to release beta-endomorphins, which is the body’s natural pain relievers. If you are a person who likes to live a healthy active lifestyle, too often you will find sore muscles and pain can accompany your workouts. Interestingly, heat exposure during a sauna session puts some amount of stress on the body, such that it is encouraged to release these endomorphins, which then leads to a significant reduction in pain.

4.) Produces more euphoric hormones (feeling of joy) because of the heat stress on the body. This can significantly help people who are suffering from depression. Regular sauna sessions can help with the release of these specific "feel good" hormones.

Pro Tip! Remember to hydrate well after your sessions and stretch. Doing both together allows for the muscles to stay limber for longer, as well as replacing the water you sweated out.