The Krueger House is perfect all year round. In the fall you can look out the numerous windows and see the trees change color. During the cold winters, you can keep warm by the fireplace. In the spring you can watch the flowers bloom outside. Summers here will be amazing - sitting on the deck, grilling on the patio, and swimming in the river. the #DreamHome

Look at the progress our skilled carpenters have made in just a week on the Chandler guesthouse! Check back next week to watch the guesthouse progress. #VMBHolland

VMB's wonderful carpenters build this beautiful dream kitchen! #DetailsMatter

How amazing are the wood details in this kitchen and dining room? #VMBHolland #DetailsMatter #DreamHouse

We love the beautiful exposed timbers on the ceiling of the Watson House. It adds so much character. #DetailsMatter #VMBHolland

Our amazing carpenters install windowsills at the Watson House. #DetailsMatter

#VMBHolland is learning lots at the @GrandHotelMI during a Home Builder's Association of Michigan meeting.

Eric and Chris work together in the VMB workshop. #VMBHolland #DetailsMatter

Nick & Eric attach together the sides and roof of the quonset hut to create the River Front garage. #DetailsMatter #VMBHolland

Kyle, Nick, Eric, Bill, Chris, & Mitch work together to lighten the load of the garage build. #Teamwork #VMBHolland


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