Are you considering a #bathroom #remodel? Vander Meulen Builders would love to help you. Here are some of the bathrooms we've designed & built.

Throughout next week we'll post photos of this #beautiful #modern #dreamhome we finished last summer. If you're interested in building your own dream #home, contact us at

Do you have icicles? They could be a sign of a bigger problem: ice dams. Ice dams can rip off gutters, damage roof shingles, and cause water to leak into your home. To prevent ice dams, the entire roof needs to be the same temperature as the eaves. Here are a few tips: 1. Ventilate the eaves and ridge 2. Exhaust air to the outside 3. Add more insulation to the attic floor 4. Seal and insulate ducts If you find a leak, we can repair it for you. Contact us at

Looking for a way to enjoy more time #outdoors? Consider upgrading your #deck or making it into a #screenroom. If you want it to use it this summer, call us today! You can reserve time as soon as this spring. Visit us at for more information.

Does your home feel colder than usual or drafty? If so, we can help you! We'll bring our thermal imaging camera to your home, find where the cold air is getting inside, and then we'll fix it.

#VMBHolland has been building #homes for decades, so we've gained experience building in a wide variety of #styles

Looking for a #builder with #exquisite attention to details, #quality #craftsmanship, & #custom designs? Check us out at #VMBHolland

At the Watson #LakeHouse, the #kitchen cabinets & appliances have been installed & the countertops should be here soon. If you're looking to #remodel your kitchen, contact us at #DreamHome


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