About Vmb

Our Passion

Vander Meulen Builders offers a long history of innovative and high-quality craftsmanship, along with personalized service and a reputation as one of West Michigan’s leading construction firms. Vander Meulen Builders is locally owned and deeply rooted in the West Michigan community, offering an important advantage to its clients.
We at Vander Meulen Builders, have a driving desire to work on unique and challenging projects. Because no two homes we build, or renovate, are the same, we have become experienced in design challenges and have acquired problem-solving skills necessary to build unique structures. We take care to incorporate quality materials and craftsmanship and enjoy working with people who care about what they own. Our goal is to maintain our reputation and provide customer satisfaction by approaching all aspects of the process with honesty and integrity. We believe that going the extra mile benefits all involved and allows us to develop relationships that extend beyond just building homes for people.

Our Story

Vander Meulen Builders, Inc., is a family-owned business that traces its carpentry roots back at least seven generations to the Netherlands. Rhine Vander Meulen and a partner founded the company in 1924. He quickly developed a reputation for high-quality work, building custom residences and summer cottages.

Family ownership of the business continued throughout the company’s history, with Rhine’s sons, Jay and Earl, as the next generation of owners. Jay and Earl both worked as carpenters for many years prior to assuming management responsibilities when Rhine retired. The company incorporated in 1966. In 1967, Vander Meulen Builders became a charter member of the Home Builders Association of Holland. Over the years, both Jay and Earl served as presidents of the Association. Vander Meulen Builders’ excellent reputation for custom building led to light commercial and historical renovation projects, including Marigold Lodge, the Holland Museum, several area churches, and many downtown Holland landmarks.

Jack Vander Meulen, currently President and Treasurer of Vander Meulen Builders, joined the firm in 1973. After working as a carpenter for many years, Jack became a project manager in 1986, supervising projects and estimating the costs of new projects. In 1988, Jack purchased shares of the corporation and became the president in 1996.

Aaron Vander Meulen, project manager and estimator, has worked in the residential construction industry for more than 15 years. Aaron is the fourth generation in the family business and has recently taken on responsibility for project management and estimating. Aaron earned an associates' degree as a Civil Engineering Technician from Michigan Technological University.

Vander Meulen Builders has a long history of community service as well as of quality custom construction. In 2001, Jack coordinated the Homebuilders Association community service project, building a Habitat for Humanity house.

What has remained constant throughout the generations of owners is a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Vander Meulen Builders collaborates with owners, architects, and designers to produce high-quality, unique buildings that stand apart and meet the needs of their owners for generations.

Company Leadership

Jack Vander Meulen

Jack Vander Meulen, President of Vander Meulen Builders, has been involved in the company since 1973. Jack learned the construction business from the ground up, starting as a carpenter, assuming project management responsibilities in 1986. He has been president of the company since 1996. In addition to his leadership of the organization, Jack served as the president of the Holland Homebuilders’ Association in both 1990 and 2000. He is currently a regional executive director of the Michigan Homebuilders’ Association, chairing the legislative subcommittee on Licensing and Consumer Protection/Lien Law. He is a graduate of Holland Christian High School in Holland, Michigan.

Aaron Vander Meulen

Project Manager and Estimator
Aaron Vander Meulen, project manager and estimator, has worked in the residential construction industry for more than 15 years. Aaron is the fourth generation in the family business and has recently taken on responsibility for project management and estimating. Aaron earned an associates' degree as a Civil Engineering Technician from Michigan Technological University.

Our Approach

Vander Meulen Builders’ approach to every project is characterized by a collaborative working relationship, personalized service, and owner involvement. Throughout every project, clients be assured that we will partner with you and your architect to ensure the best possible project at the best possible cost.


In our experience, custom residential projects are most successful when we establish a team consisting of the architect, the owner or the owner’s representative, the general contractor, and other resources as required for the particular project. During the planning and pre-construction phase, the team will meet as necessary to move the project forward. As the general contractor, we will ensure that decisions made are recorded and implemented and that all interested parties are kept up-to-date on the project. One of the first steps for the team is to establish a preliminary budget for each component of the project, which can be refined as the project is detailed.
Our experience has shown that engaging local building inspectors early in the process often helps to ensure a smoother permit process, as the building inspector will have the opportunity to raise concerns before plans are finalized. In our experience, this gives the inspectors time to buy-in to the project and creates a more positive working arrangement. The general contractor will establish this relationship and work to maintain a positive working relationship throughout the entire building process.
In addition, some residential projects involve sensitive issues such as compliance with environmental regulations, relationships with neighbors or neighborhood associations, zoning regulations or variances, or use of new or unusual materials. Vander Meulen Builders has a long history of helping owners and architects work through these issues in a professional and timely manner.
Once preliminary budgets have been determined, a master budget will be prepared and monitored throughout the project. Because custom projects often involve changes in the scope of work, this budget will be regularly updated as the project progresses.


Vander Meulen Builders will establish a project schedule during the planning and pre-construction phase. This schedule will be updated as necessary and forwarded to the appropriate parties. Regular progress meetings will be held throughout the construction process.


Vander Meulen Builders will supervise all work at the project site. Vander Meulen Builders’ carpenters will complete all carpentry work, with an emphasis on the details required for a quality project. A Vander Meulen Builders crew leader will be responsible for day-to-day field supervision, with project management oversight provided by Jack, Jim or Aaron Vander Meulen on a continual basis.


At the end of the project, Vander Meulen Builders will confirm that all aspects of the project are built according to project specifications. In collaboration with the owner and architect, Vander Meulen Builders will create a punch list and coordinate the completion of any open items.
Vander Meulen Builders will provide the owner with guarantees, warranties, operation manuals, and as-built drawings for the completed project.

Our Crew


On-site supervision of carpenters and sub-contracted services are provided by one of six crew leaders employed by Vander Meulen Builders. Each of these crew leaders has more than 15 years of carpentry experience and is a master carpenter himself, dedicated to detail and care. Crew leaders for each project supervise construction on a day-to-day basis and ensure that all work performed meets established standards.


Vander Meulen Builders employs over craftsmen with combined service of more than 125 years. Six of our employees have more than 10 years of experience as carpenters. Our craftsmen are known for their consistent work quality from project to project and are knowledgeable in all aspects of the construction trade. Our on-site craftsmen bring their own skills to each project.

Ryan Westenbroek

Crew Leader
Ryan joined Vander Meulen Builders in 1999. In addition to his work at Vander Meulen, Ryan loves to build piano bars and play houses!

Mitch Hanko

Crew Leader
Mitch joined Vander Meulen Builders in 2000. He is an especially talented trim carpenter, making sure that all of the details on your cabinets, baseboards, and moldings reflect your vision for your home.

Nick Beyer

Crew Leader
Nick joined Vander Meulen Builders in 1983. He is an accomplished carpenter and all around nice guy. Nick is especially skilled at building custom cabinets and at all the fine finish details that will make your home unique. He'll listen to what you want done and apply his creativity to bringing the details all together for you. Nick is in charge of our customer care and service operations.

Bill Ganger

Crew Leader
Bill has worked in construction since 1977. As a crew leader, Bill brings excellent cabinet making and finish skills to our team, along with an ability to turn your plans into your dream home.

Jeff Beyer

Crew Leader
Jeff joined Vander Meulen Builders in 1989. Jeff is another person you can count on to run your project smoothly and ensure that the final product reflects your dream.

Beth Stone

Administrative Assistant
When you call our office, Beth is most likely the first person you will talk to. Beth brings many years of administrative support work to her job. She'll make sure your projects are organized and flow smoothly.

Joel Yonker

Joel is a 2015 graduate of Careerline Tech Center, where he studied carpentry. Joel grew up on a dairy farm in West Michigan and brings a lot of energy and hard work to everything he does.

Doug Kooiker

Partner - Subcontractor
Doug is a partner with Vander Meulen Builders, working as a subcontractor and crew leader on many of our projects. Doug has been building houses since 1978.

Kyle Allison

Apprentice Carpenter
Kyle is an apprentice learning the skilled trades as part of his high school education. He's done so well in the school program that he's working as a co-op student now. We're excited to watch his skills develop.

Eric Vanbronkhorst

Eric joined Vander Meulen Builders in May, 2016 after 22 years of carpentry and construction experience. We're glad to have a new, experienced carpenter on our crew.


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